Herm in the Sun

What are you most excited about for your state officer year?

I’m super excited to be able to have the opportunity to grow on a personal level and help others grow as well. I just want to enjoy all the fun times and memories I’ll have with various FFA members. I love meeting and interacting with new people, and I want everyone to know that they have a friend on the state officer team.

What college, major, and future career are you planning?

After I finish my year of service, I plan on attending Utah State University in the Fall of 2020. I would like to major in Agribusiness and/or Food Science & Technology. After I graduate with a Bachelor’s degree, I plan on finding a job that’s related to agriculture in some way or another.

Tell about a meaningful experience you have had in FFA?

District Officer Training was one of the most influential experiences I’ve had while in FFA. I remember going into it a little apprehensive. By the end of it, I never wanted to leave. I met other students my age that reciprocate the same passion I felt for the FFA organization. I made lifelong friendships and made real connections with the other members. The workshops were very inspiring, and I left with a new love for leadership. After that experience, I realized the importance of embracing the opportunities you have where you’re able to get out of your comfort zone.

What do you do outside of FFA?

Throughout my high school career, I was involved in several other clubs. I participated in Key Club, National Honors Society, and Sources of Strength. I was also in Student Government and played in the local musical’s Pit Orchestra for five years. I like playing volleyball, reading, and I especially love eating new foods.

What is your SAE Project?

For my SAE project, I decided to choose Dairy Production! I work on my family’s organic dairy farm in Southeast Idaho. From moving pipe to feeding Holsteins, most of my time is spent outside under the summer sun with my siblings. It’s been awesome having a direct connection to agriculture and developing an immense appreciation for farming.

What is your mission for the year?

My mission is to make sure that every Idaho FFA member feels like they belong and that they have a spot within our association. I want to help everyone I come into contact with recognize their own potential and help them activate their skills, talents, and abilities to help them excel. I want members to feel heard, loved, and needed. I want to be an effective leader by first being an effective friend.

Is there something else you would like FFA members to know about you?

The only thing bigger than my love for FFA is my height. Yes, I’m tall, approximately 6’4. My favorite color is brown. I have a large family; there’s eight of us total.