Who Inspires Daelas?

Daelas Zieber, Nampa FFA Chapter 

“Be the change you want to see in the world,” - M. Gandi. However, how do we follow through with these words? Every one of us has doubts, whether we chose to admit it or not. Yet, through our supporters and people who inspire us, we’re able to accomplish our aspirations.

Daelas Zieber 4.JPG

My freshman year, I didn’t know who I wanted to be or even who I was at the time; that all changed when I joined FFA. Not with just the activities, but with the people within my FFA chapter itself. I was pushed to join as many CDEs as possible. Joining CDE teams and events, challenged me to grow which is exactly what my advisor, Frank, wanted to happen. In turn, it allowed me to meet new people within the chapter and get to know and experience Dixon’s and Volkers’ great influence. For example, even though at times I can become afraid and uncertain, my advisor Mrs. Volkers supports me and believes in my abilities (even when I have set-backs). Or when Mr. Dixon allows me to lead, as president of our chapter, my own way in efforts to create a successful year of growth for our chapter and myself. My advisors play a key role in my life; they help me grow in ways I couldn’t have ever imagined and taken me to heights I never knew of.. I truly believe, that our advisors will never know the kind of impact they have on our lives.

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Along with my advisors, Sydney Anderson had an huge impact on me as she continues to be my idol. For example, imagine being a freshman and having your favorite celebrity be your chapter Sentinel and President; that is exactly who Syd was to me. She has great confidence in everything she does, with a compassionate heart to understand those who are going through a rough time. I knew then, that her leadership skills were the skills I wanted to use as a leader and still add my own strengths to create my own style of successful leadership.

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As my High School Career comes to a close, I look back at these people for guidance and inspiration. However, I now realize that the most influential people I’ve had, were/are by my side on the ride; my own chapter, Nampa FFA. Getting to know each member, and seeing their successes and failures has been the most rewarding thing I have been privileged to be a part of during my service in Nampa FFA. Seeing how they accomplish the most challenging task,  makes me proud of them while inspiring me to be a better leader for them. I have had the inspiring pleasure of watching Sara Pomtier and Madi Richardson become active and creative leaders in our chapter after having the challenge of competing in our chapter Creed speaking contest. I had the opportunity to be their Creed speaking coach and I am beyond proud of their accomplishments and friendship they have created since that time. In fact, I’m beyond proud of various others within my chapter who have struggles, failed, learned, succeed and  simply grown by their involvement in our chapter. As I try to be the best chapter President I can be them, they unknowingly award me by inspiring me through their laughter, challenges, mistakes, and failures.

The people we mingle within FFA, rarely realize how much impact they have on each other; the true beauty of being an FFA Member. I am looking forward to learning even more in this my last year of high school and my last year with my chapter. The challenges have been many and the learning experiences have sometimes been very hard. I know, that because of my time in Nampa FFA as a member and officer, that I will forever be a changed person. I can only hope that I have inspired at least one as much as I have been inspired by them. Thank you to all who have helped to make me the person I am today!

Daelas, we are so proud to have you as a member in the Idaho FFA Association! Keep up all your hard work!