Who Inspires Allison?

Allison Ward, Gooding FFA

Allison Ward 1.jpeg

FFA has had a huge impact on my life. Mr. Woodland has been at Gooding for what seems like an eternity. Before going into high school, my dad told me stories from when he had Mr. Woodland as an Ag teacher. He told me how amazing and supportive he is. Freshman year, I walked into our Ag classroom and met a teacher who impacted my life. He pushed me to do Range Science, Creed, and multiple other competitions. I excelled in Range Science and Mr. Woodland was there with me and the team every step of the way. After the endless hours of practice over 3 years, we were able to win Western Nationals. Without Mr. Woodland encouraging me to do competitions that I love and encouraging me to run for office positions, I wouldn't be in FFA or be serving as a district officer. Thank you Mr. Woodland for everything you do for me and your present and past students. I also am terrible at keeping my eyes open during pictures!

Thank you, Allison, for sharing your story about who inspires you! We are glad you are a part of the Idaho FFA Association!