Emberly's SAE

Emberly Stroebel, Kuna FFA Chapter

My name is Emberly Stroebel and I am a senior at the Kuna FFA Chapter. I am currently serving as the chapter secretary. My SAE project is making promotional videos for the FFA Chapter.


My SAE project started when I realized how much fun FFA is. All of the events that we have and trips that we go on are too amazing to forget, so I came up with an idea to be sure I would always have a way to look back on all of the fun that I had. I would put all of the pictures and videos that I had taken on my trips together into one long video. It sounded easy, and fun! I quickly looked into all of the ways that I could accomplish this and before I knew it, I had created my first youtube video about the 2016 National FFA Convention.

The purpose of me making it was all for myself. I wanted to look back on it in a year and remember all of these things. I had shared it with my friend who had attended Nationals with me, but that’s it. However, when I showed up to school a few days later, I walked into a room full of students watching the video that I had made. My advisor had been told about it and decided to show all of the intro to ag students.

My first thought was, why would all of these kids want to watch a video about my trip? And then I heard them talking. After they all watched it, these freshman couldn’t stop talking about how much fun it looked like we had in Indianapolis and how they wanted to know what steps they needed to take to get there themselves. This video that started out being a personal project, had started to encourage greenhands to become involved in our chapter.


It was then that I decided I wouldn’t stop. Since then, i’ve made tons of videos about every single trip that I have gone on with the FFA. I’ve worked to better them in any way that I can, involving other students by interviewing them for numerous videos.

They also are able to serve as promotional videos for FFA and our chapter. When we went out for 8th grade recruitment this year, we showed the 8th graders a video so they would get excited and be able to really picture themselves in the program.

I have also been able to turn this project into my senior project at school. This entire year I am going to be interviewing students from not just Kuna, and taking videos at all FFA events I attend to make a recruitment video, with interviews in it that specifically target the questions of potential FFA members.

This project means a lot to me because it’s something that I began to do for my own reasons and because I enjoyed it, and then the FFA gave me the opportunity to turn my passion into something more.

Emberly, we are proud to have you as a member in the Idaho FFA Association. Thank you for continuing to promote the FFA and capture our memories through your unique SAE project.