Taylor Dixon's FFA Story

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"When I started as a freshman I knew that I was going to enjoy FFA, but I never imagined I would love it as much as I do now. I heard about going to all of these different places and I knew I wanted to go. I made it my goal to make it to at least one National Convention in my entire FFA career, so my freshman year I joined the freshman Conduct of Meetings team and we made it to the National Convention!


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From there I caught the FFA bug and wanted to be even more involved then I had been the previous year. I wanted to go on more trips, be apart of more teams, show at the fair, become a chapter officer and so much more. I have shown two hogs at the fair and will be showing two market goats this year. I go on as many trips with my chapter as I can making more friends not only in my chapter, but in others as well.

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 I am now serving as one of the two chapter reporters alongside Brooke Davis! FFA has given me skills that will not only help me in high school, but will also help me in life beyond high school. I have made lifelong friends that I now consider family and I have made goals such as running for chapter president, running for a district office, and competing at Nationals at least one more time! If there is anyone who is ever on the edge about joining the FFA my advice would be to talk to people who are involved because when you are involved you gain friendships, experiences, and memories."

Taylor, thank you for taking the time to share your FFA story with us. we are proud to have you as a member in the idaho ffa association. keep up the great work!