In a Nutshell, Here's Farmer Mel!

It's time to hear from your 2018-2019 Idaho FFA State Treasurer... Melanie Searle! Otherwise known as "Farmer Mel," your treasurer is eager to get to know and serve you all! Here she is: 

What are you most excited about for your state officer year?

I look forward to making connections and friendships with FFA members across the state of Idaho through chapter visits.

What college, major, and future career are you planning?

I will be attending College of Southern Idaho in the fall. Following my year of service I will continue my education at BYU-Idaho, pursuing a degree in secondary education. I hope to be a high school teacher as well as expand my goat business.

Tell about a meaningful experience you have had in FFA?

Freshman year I qualified to compete in the State Creed Speaking competition. I practiced the creed over and over and I had it memorized verbatim. My advisors urged me to practice sample questions, but I was confident I could make up answers on the fly. When the day of the contest arrived, I was petrified. I walked onto the stage and recited the creed just as I had rehearsed, but when the first question came up I knew I was sunk. The second question was even more challenging and I simply answered "the steel plow" without elaborating. Needless to say, I didn't make the cut, but competing in the creed taught me a lot of important lessons. I learned to take advice even when I didn't think I needed it and to be open-minded. I began to see the value of proper preparation and was deeply humbled. Though at the time, it was embarrassing, I have grown so much from that experiences and I am grateful for the opportunity to fail.

What do you do outside of FFA?

I am a member of the National Honors Society and I have a passion for sports, particularly basketball. I work on my family farm and have my own goat herd. I love riding horses, hanging out with friends, surfing (just on the snake river), roping, and seeing new places.

What is your SAE Project?

 I raise two acres of sugar beets on a contract from The Amalgamated Sugar Company and two acres of potatoes on a contract from McCains. I own and operate a herd of 20 goats.

What is your mission for the year?

Help members find their place in the Idaho FFA Association as well as being a positive voice for the agricultural industry.

Is there something else you would like FFA members to know about you?

I'm the youngest of 8 children and I have 22 nieces and nephews.