Walking in the Blue and Gold

By Andrew W. Heikkila, Meridian FFA

I walk with the blue and gold,

With a self pride that I hold.

For I know who I am,

Do you feel me fam.

For I live for the farmers in the past,

Ensuring that their legacy will last.

That they will not be thrown away,

For I'm here and I plan to stay.

FFA isn't an ordinary club,

It's an agricultural networking hub.

Ensuring that we stay connected,

As we learn how to be effective.

Teachers at home and in the community,

Together we create the unity.

A bond created on passion and trust,

FFA is a metal bond that will never rust.

Forever a legacy we will leave,

As we have worked hard in our corduroy sleeves.

For nothing easy is worth it,

And in this life we will never quit.

FFA all the way,

Together each and everyday.