Positivity Time with MaKenna

MaKenna Routt, 2016-17 Idaho FFA Sentinel


One thing that you will often hear from me (your 2016-2017 Idaho State FFA Sentinel) is the phrase: “Life is hard!” Now that’s usually when I do something clumsy, like drop my entire piece of cake on the floor, or when I jam the copy machine at work halfway through a large document. But there are times when life is genuinely hard! That Anatomy and Physiology class and Pre-Calculus class is hard! Getting up at 5:30 AM to do chores before an early morning Parliamentary Procedure practice is hard! Running stair-laps in practice is hard! Dealing with conflict or with loss is really hard. And trying to juggle all of these responsibilities and thoughts is the hardest of all.

The key for when life is super hard, is to strive to see the positive side of any situation. Study super hard for your Anatomy and Physiology and Calculus class and remind yourself how good it will feel to ace that hard test! Wake up at 5:30 AM to do those chores and make sure to take some time to prepare for the day ahead and head to your early morning practice with the thought that you are actively making your life better and enhancing your skills to give you a leg-up in the world. Run those stair-laps in practice with the thought that you may be tired now but you will feel great later when you win that game and get to celebrate the victory with your teammates. While dealing with conflict take it as a chance to build a stronger relationship and to grow as an individual. When dealing with loss, use it as a chance to get closer with you friends and loved ones.

While juggling all of the responsibilities, stresses and just everyday little let-downs like dropping a piece of cake on the floor, it’s important to remember to look for the silver-lining. Every situation has a positive side, just like whatever goes up must come down. Seeing the beauty in life and the positive side of life leads to being happier, healthier, and a better leader in the long run! Keep up the great work and keep seeing the positive side of life!

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