Student Conference Registration

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2017 SLC Chapter Registration:

It was our intent to use a one-stop-shopping registration system, but the system was not compatible for all of our events this year, so we are relying on this site with all events and information in one location. 

Below, you will find most components of registration in the form of a document to complete or a link to select for registration. ALL ITEMS BELOW IN BOLD ARE RELATED TO SLC REGISTRATION, SO DON'T SKIP ANYTHING! Check back from time to time for updates.

Conference registration will close on March 24th. Go to tabs 4 - 6 to register students for your chapter.  The registration codes and fees are listed at the bottom of this page. 


All SLC registrations must be received by March 24th in order for your students to receive a conference T-Shirt. Email completed (excel) forms to

All registrations received after March 24th will NOT receive Conference T-Shirts. All registration changes must be made by March 30th. (you may substitute students – but not T-shirt sizes). Between March 24th and March 30th, any refunds for cancellations will be charged the $7 t-shirt fee.

THERE WILL BE NO REFUNDS after March 30th.

After March 24th all registrations are considered late, and will be assessed a late fee of $10 per student/registrant. Refunds will not be given for students canceled on-site. Late registrants will not receive a conference T-shirt. The deadline for FFA membership dues is March 15. Please note the fee for non-FFA members is $45 per student; membership will be verified. 

***Please print the first page of your registration (this is your invoice) and submit payment to the address listed below.

Please make checks payable to:

Idaho FFA Association

Mail checks to:

Idaho FFA Association

Attn: CTSO Accounting

PO Box 83720

Boise, ID 83720-0095


SLC Chapter Registration

This is an Excel document to download, complete, then email to:

This year we do need your FFA members' ID numbers from your roster. Please download the form and be certain to scroll through each tab at the bottom to complete each section. Be certain to complete all sections in all tabs as it is difficult to make many changes to the form once it is submitted. Call or email Tammy Ackerland, 208-429-5502, or Clara-Leigh Evans, 225-253-8813, with questions.


Career Success Tour Registration 

Click the link above to register for Career Success Tours.


Days of Service Registration

Click the link above to register for Days of Service.


CSI Livestock Judging Invitational

Download this form and return as instructed on the form if your chapter will compete in the CSI Livestock Judging Invitational.



Special Needs Accommodations Form 

Download and return to with your SLC Registration Form if a member has special needs that will require accommodations. Also feel free to call with any questions.


Image Release 

By registering for SLC you are agreeing to the terms on this CTSO Image Release. Please read this form before registering. 



Below you will find sample scantron sheets for the CDE's. 

Dairy Cattle Evaluation Scantron

Livestock Evaluation Scantron

Universal Scantron