Honorary State ffa degree & Distinguished Service award forms

The forms below are used annually and must be submitted by the Mid-Winter Idaho FFA Board of Directors Meeting each year. 

State Honorary Degree Form

State Distinguished Service Form

2019 Delegate Issues Form

Past Recipients of Honorary State FFA Degree, Idaho FFA Distinguished Service Award, Honorary American FFA Degree, National FFA Distinguished Service, and National FFA VIP

Students' State Degree checklist

This State FFA Degree Checklist is for students who use the Excel application for their state degree. For students using The AET for State FFA Degree Applications, the correct checklist will be at the end of the application. Click on the link below to open the document.

State Degree Excel Checklist

State Degree Application - Excel Format

Below is the link for the checklist that State Star applicants must complete.

AET Star Checklist