Conferences & Conventions

Below you will find information on each of the conferences and conventions that FFA members have the chance to attend throughout the year.


State CDE's in Moscow

State FFA Career Development Events (State CDEs) will be held June 5‐8, 2018, at the University of Idaho in Moscow.

212/360 Leadership conference

The conferences will be held in 2018 in:

Boise at the Riverside Hotel January 29 & 30.

Pocatello at the Red Lion Hotel February 5 & 6.


212° – the temperature at which water boils – will focus on taking students to the boiling point of leadership. At 211° water is extremely hot, but just one more degree gets us to the next level. These conferences focus on student development. Students will be challenged to push the limits. Themes for this conference include: Virtues, growth and collaboration.


360° will take students full circle in chapter leadership development. The conference will cover every angle for developing action plans for their chapters. These conferences focus on chapter development.

state leadership conference

The 87th Idaho FFA State Leadership Conference will be held April 4th through the 7th in Twin Falls, Idaho at the College of Southern Idaho.

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NAtional ffa convention & expo

The National FFA Convention and Expo will be hosted in Indianapolis, Indiana, October 25-28, 2017. Join the Idaho delegation, competitors and chapters to celebrate with chapters from across the nation!

washington leadership conference

Each year, FFA members from all over the United States travel to Washington, D.C., to attend the Washington Leadership Conference (WLC).

During the five-day event, attendees learn how to become effective leaders by learning their purpose, how to value people, how to take action and how to serve others.

FFA members leave WLC with the knowledge and the confidence to act in ways that help their schools, community and their country.

WLC Scholarships are available on the Idaho FFA Foundation Website. Click here for the Scholarship Applications.