Hey Idaho FFA! Thanks for your interest in submitting a post to our blog! Here you can find information about how the blog will work and also the rules you will need to follow. 

How the blog will work: 

At the beginning of every month we will post what the prompt is for following month. We will take submissions until the very last day of the month and then when the following month begins, we will post your submissions!

For example: At the beginning of May we posted that the prompt was, "What is your FFA Story?" You will have until May 31st to send us your submission to that prompt. Then when June begins, we will post your submissions on the blog as well as put out a new prompt for the following month! 

When you are all done with your writing, make sure to attach some pictures that go with your story! We also ask that you send in the following information: Name, Chapter, Title of your Submission, and a picture of you! 

Members, Advisors, Community Members and Supporters are all welcome to submit to the blog. 

You will email your submission and pictures to 

Clear as mud? If you have questions you can contact

Rules for the blog: 

Every person who wishes to participate in the blog has the opportunity to do so. However, there are some guidelines to follow. If you fail to follow the rules, we will NOT publish your submission and we WILL contact your FFA advisor. 

1. Keep it Appropriate- No bad words, references or inappropriate language.

2. Be Respectful- In FFA we encourage you to lift each other up, not put each other down. Simply put: do not be mean to anyone in your post. 

3. Spell Check- Make sure that you have someone check over your post for grammar errors! If you have errors, we will send it back to you for you to fix. 

4. Word Count- Keep your submission between 400-1,000 words.

We are excited to read your submissions! Remember, when you submit a post you are representing not only your home chapter but also the Idaho FFA! Keep it clean, respectful, and fun. Happy blogging!